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honi soit qui mal y pense

honi soit qui mal y pense
20 October 1983
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The light bulb flickers. It's a bare room, save for an empty wooden chair in the middle. The jagged shadows on the wall aren't yours. You turn around and--

Hi there! I'm Kiley, and I must suck your blooooooooooood.

Kidding, kidding. Anyway, this journal is a mishmash of my interests including: news, humanitarian issues, politics of the left kind, feminism, DC comics, and Kylie Minogue (Big Kylie round here). Sometimes I bitch about real life too. I also make quite a lot of grammatical mistakes, so for the love of Big Barda, someone please point this out to me so I may edit!

Uh... Crap, I never know what to write in the bio.

Here's a question I lifted off ljfriends -- enjoy:

If you could swap lives with a person for a week, who would it be and why?

Oh dear. I would swap lives with (a living) Steve McQueen. I can just imagine it now, astride a powerful motorcycle, driving through Southern California with such awesome, unflappable hair, and making the incredible leap over the Disneyland fence. What? Tickets are expensive.

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